Julia Soto Lebentritt: The Lullabologist

About the Only Lullabologist on Earth

Julia Soto Lebentritt began her vanguard work in urban lullabies in New York City in 1981, recording the songs people sing to put their children to sleep. New York City Lullabies CD features these personal experiences. NBC News commentator Ben Farnsworth dubbed her “Lullabologist” in a mini-feature on her lullaby project. An expert on end-of-the-day lulling rituals, the Lullabologist offers programs, lectures, and workshops of world lullabies.

As a multi-faceted performer and versatile artist, she is the recipient of awards (including individual writers’ fellowships) from state, federal, and local sources. A published poet and producer, Julia Soto Lebentritt is also author of The Kooken, a children’s book published by Henry Holt and Company.

After living and working for fifteen years in N. Y. City, Lebentritt returned to her hometown, Troy, New York, where she continues building her unique practice of Lullabology...