Spoken by Jim Murray, Director of Cultural Democracy, when introducing the author to desktop publishing on February 16, 1989, in New York City:

“The interest that I’ve had in your project from the beginning is that here you were an individual person doing multi-cultural lullabies. What my work is based on is, individual people, not organizations, doing things that were their own idea, following through on them, and learning all the skills, in other words expressing their commitment in creating. In what you create you're expressing exactly what your commitment is. So you're committed to working by yourself, being in control of your own work. In other words, you're not calling me up and inviting me to come to a meeting to talk about what we should do with a bunch of people I don't know. It took me years to learn that!

Lullaby suggests immediately a relationship. It's not a lone reader. It's not a defined artifact. There's a process of lullaby. There's something so concrete about lullaby from the point of view of either the young or the older lullabier. The moment, the need, has some crisis, has some struggle in it. It's facing the night, facing the night…. So I thought about lullaby.

The other part is the multi-cultural part. That suggests your vision of that struggle--the parent or oldster wanting the kid to sleep, and both of them working together to figure out some way of dealing--what could be more universal!

There isn't anyone in the species that lullaby doesn't speak to. And multi-cultural suggests to me that your vision of the whole process is a social vision. That you live in the whole world, not like parents in the 50's.

So I loved your project from the beginning. The book (i.e. website) can be a lullaby because you can be in control of what it looks like. I'm a fanatic about that!”

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