From “Lullabies for N.Y. City Skyline” poetry collection

Moon, playing hide-and-seek with me
In electric lit towers
I am waiting for you
To reappear

I thought you were gone
Oh gold ship, growing more orange
Than when a few seconds ago I saw you
The last corner of your body at the door
Behind my skyscraper

Your happy smile slants
In the face of Manhattan stories
Making me feel the human story of life here
Between The Trade Towers,
We are traveling together

Julia Soto Lebentritt January 18, 1983

Living in a seashell listening to this city
No longer a silent courtyard with the sounds of nature
She is my guru chanting

I know her,
The city fathers created
The result of one century of Fords, Edisons
Breathing her ancient Mecca song of discovery, creation, power,
And daily routine working to keep all this together

I move in the patterns of the traffic
In this apartment
Who could design this?
Dream this?
No one human being
No one human design

Think of being mother to all this
Acknowledging without fear
With acceptance
The imprint of the dream of this child during pregnancy
Could this have a mother?
This century?
Is it motherless?
Or have I been guilty,
Unable to accept the responsibility

Julia Soto Lebentritt August 27, 1981